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Air France has always endeavoured to develop a solid poster policy. By definition a poster is universal, easy to understand and use, and is highly symbolic, so it is an ideal medium for Air France to promote its image worldwide.

A certain number of artists, including Albert Brenet, Paul Lengellé, Philippe Mitschké, Lucio Perinetto, James Prunier and quite a few others, have produced gouache paintings for Air France, illustrating the fleet's main aircraft. The book "Un siècle d'aviation avec Air France" to be found in the "Library" section, compiles a majority of these paintings.

Air France has always endeavoured to develop a solid poster policy. By definition a poster is universal, easy to understand and use, and is highly symbolic, so it is an ideal medium for Air France to promote its image worldwide.
New products

The Museum has some exceptional offers for you in this section

The Museum shop has a very rich and varied collection of works covering the most significant periods of French civil aviation, and the history of the airlines which have contributed to making Air France-KLM the world's leading airline group today in terms of  turnover.


Here you will find numerous scale models illustrating the fabulous epic of French civil aviation.

To satisfy individual tastes, these high quality models are available in various scales and materials: metal, resin, wood or plastic, with their appropriate stands.

Some of these models are produced in limited numbers, and come with a limited edition certificate

Decorative objets
Articles for gift

In this section, the Museum offers a limited series of model vehicles used by Air France for various purposes: transporting passengers and baggage, catering, ramp services, maintenance, etc.

Under this heading, the Air France Museum offers various limited edition items, reminiscent of the Air France history: silk squares, coins, dolls in the most famous stewardess uniforms, an illustrated set of the 7 groups (airlines and their principal tasks) which contributed to the adventure of 20th century aviation, together with other objects such as the "bistro" table, the weather vane, the fan, the thermometer and the key ring representing Air France's historic logo" the Flying seahorse " the Flying seahorse
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Welcome to the online shop of the Museum Air France.
The Association of Air France museum is a reference for the dissemination and preservation of writings, photographs, objects, works of art, witness the history of Air France and all of Aeronautics Throughout the twentieth century to the present. Its documentation center, located at the Terminal des Invalides in PARIS (open Monday to Friday from 13h. To 17h.) is intended to serve as a resource for historians, researchers, writers, filmmakers, students ...
 The site allows you to familiarize yourself with the history of aviation and specifically of Civil Aviation. It offers access to the first selection that we present posters, model airplanes, advertising items, calendars, toys, uniforms, decorations, envelopes philatelic first day, gouaches ... preserved in the collections of the Museum Air France. The collections are accessible physically and in loans to exhibitions on the theme of aviation. This site is the only place virtual permanent exhibition of the collections.
Air France Museum Association also develops and markets numerous products (models, posters, books, videos, decorative objects ....) tracing the history of Air France and companies that have incorporated (Air East , Air Union, Aeropostale, TAI, UAT, UTA, Air Inter ...).
The Museum shop located Terminal des Invalides, 2 rue EsnaultPelterie-75007 Paris is open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 12 AM and 13PM. to 17PM.
Our partner LA BOUTIQUE DU PILOTE that handles our online sales site: also offers our clients the opportunity to buy our products in these  stores located at 25 rue de la Convention 15th in Paris (metro bleach ) Toussus-le-Noble (near the airport restaurant) and Lyon Bron Airport (near the airport restaurant)., The Bourget airport.
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